Everyone knows ALICE - Many of us have been or are ALICE.

But you can do something to help.

Take part in ALICE Awareness Week, where you combine personal challenges, fundraising, advocacy and community conversations to help your neighbors. It is about harnessing the power of our community to make a difference. By stepping up to support ALICE, we can change the life of our neighbors. 

Harness the power of your personal network to drive online donations, with funding collected going back to programs supporting our community's ALICE population, helping working families move out of their cars and cramped motel rooms and into stable homes this holiday season. Every cent collected makes a world of difference to ALICE.

The Challenge

We challenge you for five consecutive days (November 4th-8th) to change your living situation to mirror the struggles in our area's ALICE population. Our neighbors are making tough choices just to get by. Choices between food and gas, paying bills and/or supporting their family's vital needs. Choices like picking between running water and electricity. Have you ever made a tough choice? Have you ever gone without?

Take the ALICE Challenge and raise awareness of what more than 50% of people in our community are going through every day. Challenges include:

  • living off a SNAP food budget ($6 per day per person)
  • limiting your clothing to one outfit for an entire week
  • finding alternative transportation through carpooling and public transportation for a week
  • eliminate use of internet and data outside of work hours

Participants can also create their own challenge, giving up their laundry appliances and using the laundromat for a week, like many ALICE families do. Take a look at the ALICE report for your area to see the ALICE budget for your necessities.

The Ask

There is a hidden population in our community who needs your help. By taking on an ALICE Awareness Week Challenge and fundraising to meet your goal, you can help working families access valuable resources that empower them to succeed. You can give a neighbor a hand up from their situation.

  1.  Go to https://www.facebook.com/fundraisers/ 
  2.  Under the heading "Raise money for a nonprofit" choose "Select Nonprofit"
  3. Search for United Way of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County
  4. Choose an amount and select a time frame for your fundraiser (November 4th-8th)
  5. Title your fundraiser and add why you're raising money
  6. Choose the photo and share!
  7. Keep us posted on your progress by using the hashtag #ALICEAwarenessWeek

Some examples of how your dollars go to help local individuals and families living below the ALICE threshold:

$50 provides a year's worth of school supplies for two local students, ensuring they have what they need to be ready to learn.
$100 provides access to basic community resources for a person experiencing homelessness.
$250 provides immediate transportation assistance for individuals at risk of losing their jobs.
$500 provides childcare for a local family for 2.5 months, ensuring they can remain financially stable.