Your voice is a valuable tool that you can use to get involved. Whether you are telling a friend in a simple conversation, writing a letter to local or federal policy makers, sharing your story on social networks, or even simply wearing a LIVE UNITED t-shirt, advocating for a cause you are passionate about can go a long way.

Why advocate?

Aspiring to LIVE UNITED is not about politics. It is about understanding the unique needs of our community and how we can solve them together. When you are informed and speak out about these issues, you can create opportunities and inspire hope in your community. Change can start with one person sharing and advocating for the causes they are passionate about. 

Be informed. Speak up. Advocate and make an impact today.

How to advocate

Speak Out

There are plenty of ways to make yourself heard in today’s world. Having a conversation with friends or family about an issue you a passionate about is one way to do it. You can also follow us on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Follow along and be informed of upcoming events, current critical issues, and read stories as well as share your own. Repost and get the word out. You can also watch and share videos from our Youtube channel.

Wear a Shirt

Wearing a United Way LIVE UNITED t-shirt can be an easy way to lead into a conversation about what you believe in. The United Way logo has become an icon that stands for hope and encouragement in many communities. Wearing a United Way t-shirt can serve as a reminder of opportunities that are available. Together we can create a better community for everyone. Don't just wear the t-shirt, live it.

Write a Letter

Being informed is important, but so is making your voice heard. If there are pressing issues in your community that you are passionate about you can write a letter to your local, state, or federal policy makers, making your voice heard. Let them know that there are needs, ask for a call to action, be a voice for others who are struggling!