Healthy Community Collaborative

The Healthy Community Collaborative (HCC), formerly Healthy Community Council, is a community coalition composed of stakeholders representing community agencies, universities, and nonprofit organizations in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County, Virginia. Established in 1996, an overarching goal of the HCC has been to conduct a community needs assessments in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County. The assessment has been conducted every five years and as an example, data obtained from the 2000 assessment identified emerging needs, which generated $11 million in funding for community initiatives. HCC members, faculty and students all collaborate to identify community assets, challenges, and emerging needs.

The HCC meets quarterly to engage, educate and inform stakeholders concerning emerging needs as well as progress with the current priority areas. The HCC is a well-established area collaboration that welcomes everyone to participate in community-wide problem-solving.

2016 Harrisonburg and Rockingham County Community Assessment

2011 Harrisonburg and Rockingham County Community Assessment

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Trainings

In response to feedback received from the HCC Equity Survey completed in 2021 and goals identified in the HCC strategic planning process in 2022, HCC is organizing a series of three foundational level Diversity Equity and Inclusion workshop training sessions to HCC members over three consecutive meeting times. These trainings are offered by Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities. For more information, contact Jo Benjamin at 


Meetings will be held virtually on Zoom.

To request the Zoom link, please contact Joyce Nussbaum at and include "HCC Quarterly Meeting" in your subject line.


The Healthy Community Collaborative is a gathering of representatives from more than 100 entities with a stake in the Harrisonburg and Rockingham County community – government, schools, business, health and human services, faith community, law enforcement and higher education – all working together to improve the quality of life in our community.

Participants are invited to join the Healthy Community Collaborative as partner members.  Memberships are available to individuals, agencies, businesses and institutions for a nominal fee. Partner members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Quarterly meetings on urgent and relevant issues facing our community
  • Collaborative grant writing opportunities to fund projects
  • Networking among community leaders to find solutions together

For more information or to become a partner of the Healthy Community Collaborative, contact Joyce Nussbaum at

For additional community data resources, check out the Community Data Dashboard.


Bringing communities together to end health disparities.


We envision an equitable and inclusive community where every one of our neighbors is safe, supported, and flourishing – a place for all and from all.


People. Rooted in the inherent dignity and worth of each person, we foster connections and relationships with all our neighbors.

Change. The collective wisdom and lived experience of our community guides the positive changes we pursue and achieve.

Impact. Our responsibility is to our community and all our neighbors, and we commit to follow through on our promises to have a meaningful and positive impact.

Learn. We humbly take responsibility for the impact of our actions and words, and are always learning how to do our work better.


Advocate with (not for): Use the collective power of the HCC to advocate for structural changes that move towards health equity and create healthy lives, and provide resources that educate on and support the need for these changes.

Build Connection: Foster connections, build relationships, and hold meaningful conversations that support collaboration among our neighbors, partners, and members.

Achieve Community-led Projects: Work alongside community members to identify, prioritize, and accomplish projects that improve health in our community.

Mobilize Assets: Attract and use the assets, strengths and resources ( including people, funds, time, and more) to support the implementation of community wide-change at a level that has real, positive, and lasting impact.

Download a copy of HCC's Strategic Plan (PDF)

Video courtesy of the Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services at James Madison University