Loaned Executives (LEs) are talented, community-driven, and energetic people who help plan and implement local businesses’ involvement in the United Way of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County’s annual campaign. Loaned Executives serve as account managers for the companies and organizations that partner with United Way. These dedicated professionals lend their skills and time to keep administrative costs down and play a key role in uniting our community to empower people in need.

What is a Loaned Executive’s Role?

Loaned Executives strengthen the community and increase the funding for the many local agencies that partner with United Way of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County. They achieve this by organizing and managing the United Way corporate campaign within a business. This involves communicating to employee groups about how United Way can help multiply their impact in their local community, setting financial and non-financial goals for the campaign, and assisting Employee Campaign Coordinators (ECC) in planning and completing their campaigns.

What are the Benefits?

Loaned Executives receive a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to network with other up-and-coming individuals in the community, participate in skills-based training to prepare them for their roles, and learn extensively about the Harrisonburg and Rockingham community. The skills gained from the position include project management, team-building (recruitment, training, oversight), communication, public speaking, pitch-training, and sales. Businesses that support the Loaned Executive program receive recognition from United Way at events and on all social media platforms. This position benefits our community by training well informed community leaders and creating a stronger network of community-focused individuals who support United Way.

What is the Commitment?

We ask that each Loaned Executive be available for a few hours a week from approximately September to December, totaling approximately 100 hours, and be able to work on their United Way responsibilities from their office. Orientation will take place over two days in September, and weekly meetings with United Way staff are encouraged, though not required. We just ask that you keep staff informed on progress as each campaign progresses. 

Who Should Participate?

Employees from all areas of our business community can be a good fit for the Loaned Executive program. A successful LE is an employee that can be trusted to manage an important project. This can be anyone from your most recent hire to a recent retiree. Other good fits include: someone you want to “immerse” in the community, a middle manager looking for an opportunity for growth, or any employee who wants to build their management and sales skills.

To apply for a
Loaned Executive position

Please contact Amanda Leech, Director of Business Engagement at