Nonprofit community Partners

We’re 100% locally focused and seek out local partners that help us to address our community’s greatest needs.  
To maximize the impact of our investments, we align with the local organizations that deliver high-quality programs and help us to achieve collective outcomes in the areas of early childhood readiness, grade level-reading & high school graduation, financial stability and community health.
2016-2019 Early Childhood Readiness Partners 
Goal: Children start school ready to learn.
Generations Crossing

Child Day Care Scholarships
Enabling children from infancy through preschool in lower income working families to benefit from an intergenerational learning environment in a new facility where children's natural sense of wonder and curiosity are cultivated and nurtured.

Phone: 540.434.4901

Harrisonburg-Rockingham Child Day Care Center

Sliding Fee Scale
To make high-quality childcare affordable for all families, regardless of income, enabling parents to work or attend school.

Phone: 540.434.5268

Plains Area Daycare Center

Childcare Tuition Assistance
The purpose of this program is to provide a high quality early childhood education that is accessible to all families regardless of income.

Phone: 540.896.4622

Roberta Webb Child Care Center

Bridging the Gap
Enabling parents to be employed and productive with the knowledge that their child is in a safe, stimulating environment.

Phone: 540.434.8699

Sentara RMH Family Connection

Parenting Education and Support (PEAS) and GrandPEAS
Providing parents with parenting education, support, and referrals in order to give their children the best start in life.

Phone: 540.564.7006

2016-2019 Grade Level Reading and High School Graduation Partners
Goals: Students succeed in school and are prepared for college and work.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County

Enhanced School-Based Mentoring Program Providing one-to-one mentoring relationships to children facing adversity in order to increase the percent of third-grade students testing at grade level in reading.

Phone: 540.433.8886

Boys & Girls Clubs of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County

Summer Reading Program
Providing children with an opportunity to develop their reading skills through small-group reading instruction so that they are more likely to meet third-grade reading proficiency levels and prevent the loss of reading skills that often occurs during the summer months.

Phone: 540.434.6060

Harrisonburg Education Foundation

Project 4T: Teaching Teens and Tots Together
Overcoming the educational barriers of teen parents at Harrisonburg High School by offering child-care and developmentally appropriate learning opportunities for their infant and preschool children.

Phone: 540.433.9916

Office on Children and Youth

The Reading Road Show - Gus Bus
Providing high-quality literacy programming to children and families in at-risk neighborhoods.

Phone: 540.568.4113

Office on Children and Youth

Future Forward
Supporting limited English proficient (LEP) students in reaching their maximum potential through year round advocacy and supplemental instructional and enrichment activities that foster academic and social success.

Phone: 540.568.6007

On the Road Collaborative 
and Scholars Latino Initiative

8th Grade Academy: Bridging High School and Beyond
Preparing underserved 8th grade youth to successfully make the transition to high school and be on track for graduation and postsecondary pathway.

Phone: 540.360.1123

On the Road Collaborative
 and  Second Home

Career Enrichment Projects for Middle School Youth
Providing safe, supervised care and academic assistance with a strong focus on reading and health education through daily learning opportunities to improve academic performance, reduce at risk behaviors, and bridge the 6000 hour learning gap proven to affect children growing up in poverty for students grade k-4. 

Second Home

Affordable Before & After School Care
Providing a safe, affordable place where academic enrichment, character building and recreational activities are offered to at risk children so that they will not be home alone before and after school.

Phone: 540.432.7989

2016-2019 Financial Stability Partners
Goals: Everyone has opportunities to be financially stable and independent.
Blue Ridge Legal Services

Legal Assistance to Low-Income Families in Crisis
Ensuring that low-income families and individuals in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County have meaningful access to high quality legal assistance in civil (not criminal) matters of critical importance affecting their ability to be self-sufficient, including such basic needs as shelter, protecting their limited income and resources, accessing sources of financial assistance and public benefits, and attacking conditions that hinder their ability to be economically and socially self-sufficient.

Phone: 540.433.1830

Elkton Area United Services

Emergency Assistance
Aiding families and individuals who are in crisis and facing hardship by providing financial and non-monetary need through housing, heat, electricity, medical needs, food, education and transportation.

Phone: 540.298.8685

Friendship Industries

Employment Transportation Program
Increasing employment success with better transportation opportunities for adults with disabilities.

Phone: 540.434.9586

Mercy House

Helping recently homeless families with dependent children become established in their community and become increasingly self-sufficent by assisting with unmet needs which would otherwise de-stabilize their housing placement.

Phone: 540.432.1812

Mercy House
Open Doors, and First Step

Centralized Housing Intake Program
This is the regional emergency response to housing crises; it serves as the primary vehicle for coordinated assessment and referral of clients to emergency shelter, homeless prevention, and rapid re-housing providers within the Central Shenandoah Valley.

Phone: 540.432.1812

NewBridges Immigrant Resource Center

Case Management Services
To empower low-income immigrants and refugees to establish and maintain economic stability and access to health care, through working relationships that honor dignity and encourage self-sufficiency.

Phone: 540.438.8295

Open Doors

Open Doors Shelter Resource Program
To go beyond food and shelter and empower or guests to move beyond homelessness and into permanent housing.

Phone: 540.578.3868

Skyline Literacy

Empowering Adults Through Literacy
Providing individual, goal-centered literacy instruction to non-literate or low-literacy community members to improve self-sufficiency and independence.

Phone: 540.433.0505

Way to Go

WorkCars: Down Payments to Help Low-Income Working Families Purchase a Good Used Vehicle
Assuring that low-income working families have safe, affordable, and legal transportation to work and other essential destinations.

Phone: 540.705.620

Way to Go

WorkCars: Assistance with Urgent Vehicle Problems for Low-Income Working Families
Keeping low-income working families mobile so they can remain employed and care for their families.

Phone: 540.705.6201

2016-2019 COMMUNITY HEALTH AND wellness partners
Goal: Everyone has opportunities to be financially stable and independent.
Autumn Valley Guardianship

Providing guardianship and conservatorship services to legally incapacitated and indigent adults when no other option exists for the individual.

Phone: 540.421.5107 

CASA for Children

Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children
Providing trained volunteer advocates for children victims of abuse or neglect before the 26th Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court to represent the best interests of the child and provide them with a voice in the courtroom, school systems, and the community at large.

Phone: 540.213.2272 

Center for Marriage & Family Counseling

Sliding Fee Scale
Providing affordable, professional mental health services including individual, group, and family counseling for the low-income and Spanish-speaking populations.

Phone: 540.433.1546

Collins Center

Sexual Abuse, Response, Treatment and Prevention
Providing a comprehensive, trauma-informed system of care to child victims of sexual abuse and their families, while offering community education to prevent future abuse from occuring.

Phone: 540.432.6430

Brain Injury Connections of the Shenandoah Valley

Circles of Support
Increasing the quality of life for persons with brain injury in our community by increasing independence and self-sufficiency, increasing participation in meaningful, productive activities, and ensuring physical, mental and emotional well-being. 

Phone: 540.568.8923

Fairfield Center

Family Mediation Services
Empowering parents in crisis to listen, talk, and make plans cooperatively in the best interest of their children and families.

Phone: 540.434.0059

Fairfield Center
 and New Bridges Immigrant Resource Center

Bringing alternative dispute resolution techniques to the Hispanic community through mediation training in the Spanish language and the offer of a limited number of scholarships.

Phone: 540.434.0059

First Step

Safety, Shelter and Support for Victims of Domestic Violence and their Children

Providing support, safety and emergency shelter to adult victims and their children who have been physically, mentally, sexually, economically and/or verbally abused by an intimate partner or household member, to help them break free of the violent relationship.

Phone: 540.434.0295

Generations Crossing

Adult Day Care Scholarships
Giving frail, elderly, and disabled adults a safe, supervised and stimulating environment while their caregivers can continue their employment.

Phone: 540.434.4901

Hand-in-Hand Resource Mothers Program

Hand-in-Hand Resource Mothers Program
Supports pregnant and parenting teens with limited resources or access to prenatal care, connecting them to a variety of services that will ensure a  healthy pregnancy and well-being for a healthy baby and mother and achievement of educational goals giving them opportunities for life long success.

Phone: 540.564.7151

Harrisonburg - Rockingham Free Clini

Free Clinic Comprehensive Health Program
Providing comprehensive health care to uninsured, low-income adults with multiple chronic diseases.

Phone: 540.437.4962

Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services

Healthcare for the Homeless Suitcase Clinic
Providing transportation services for homeless clients to access medical, dental, and behavioral health services.

Phone: 540.568.6007

Office on Children and Youth

Teen Pregnancy Prevention
Equipping teens, parents and community members with education and skills that allow young people to make the healthiest decisions for themselves when it comes to sex and relationships.

Phone: 540.568.6007

Office on Children and Youth

Youth Data Survey
Examining the current and longitudinal trends around local youth risk behaviors and produce data that enables the community to develop priority areas around youth issues.

Phone: 540.568.6007

Sentara RMH Family Connection

Healthy Families of the Blue Ridge 
Providing first time, at-risk parents with education and support utlizing national evidence-based home visiting protocol as well as an evidence-based parenting curriculum designed to promote positive parent-child interaction, optimal child health and development.

Phone: 540.564.7151

Sentara RMH Medical Center

Toward No Tobacco 
Prevention and reducation of tobacco by youth and adults in the Harrisonburg and Rockingham community.

Phone: 540.564.7004

The Arc of Harrisonburg and Rockingham

The GOLD Team (Growing Opportunities for Lifelong Development) 
Maximizing the independence of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and meeting the needs of local organizations/businesses through mutually beneficial community-based activities.

Phone: 540.437.9214

The Arc of Harrisonburg and Rockingham

The Kids on the Block 
Providing community education and change attitudes among child participants through scripted puppetry programs which address various disabilities, differences, safety and social concerns in a variety of community organizations.

Phone: 540.437.9214

Valley Program for Aging Services

Respite Care Program 
Enabling low-income caregivers of frail, elderly or disabled adults to have times of respite.

Phone: 540.217.0474

Valley Program for Aging Services

Meals on Wheels 
This program addresses the nutritional risks of persons 60 years of age and older who are unable to secure adequate nutrition due to mobility, health, and / or financial constraints thereby improving health, quality of life, and independence of older adults in their homes and communities.

Phone: 540.217.0474

Valley Program for Aging Services

Chronic Disease Self-Management Education 
Chronic Disease Self-Management Education (CDSME) is designed to empower adults to better manage their chronic conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, chronic pain and heart disease with the goal of giving individuals confidence and skills to allow them to actively manage their health care and reduce unnecessary visits to the Emergency Department or the physician.

Phone: 540.217.0474