In partnership with The Community Foundation of Harrisonburg & Rockingham County, we have jointly established a relief fund that will allow for a central place for people to donate that will serve people most affected in our community. Checks made payable to TCFHR for “COVID-19 HR Community Response Fund,” may be mailed to: PO Box 1068, Harrisonburg, VA 22803. Online gifts can be given by clicking the button below.


The Community Foundation welcomes applications from Harrisonburg and Rockingham County 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations providing services to address the needs of individuals and families. 

PHASE 1 funding (Rounds 1 & 2) focused solely on nonprofits providing assistance with access to food and access to safe shelter.

PHASE 2 funding focused on nonprofits providing assistance with access to food, access to safe shelter, access to mental healthcare, and access to child care for essential workers.

PHASE 3 – Harrisonburg and Rockingham County 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations who meet the following criteria are welcome to apply:

  • Providing Access to Food
  • Providing Access to Safe Shelter
  • Providing Access to Mental Healthcare
  • Providing Access to Childcare for Essential Workers
  • Struggling to provide normal services, but facing a significant reduction in funding due to COVID-19

The PHASE 3 funding application has now closed. 

Individuals in need of financial assistance can click here.


The conversation is moving from how we take care of ourselves, our family and friends to how can we help the most vulnerable among us. As an organization dedicated to the well-being of our community, we are closely watching the developments surrounding the spread of Coronavirus in our region, and many people may be wondering what we can do to minimize the impact of the outbreak and the role United Way of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County.

We encourage everyone to read these recommendations from the Virginia Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control for reducing the risk of COVID-19 infection for yourselves and others.

We are working on contingency plans and talking with other agencies and partners to prepare a coordinated response to this crisis. We are also preparing to provide coordination of care for those experiencing the effects of closures and missed work, particularly those in the ALICE population.

Our purpose is to be there for our neighbors who need us most, so we’ve decided to step up and lead the response effort. We believe that with our existing relationships with local health departments, human service agencies, and corporate partners, we are uniquely suited to respond to this community need.

When a crisis like this hits our community, our hardest hit neighbors are those already struggling to make ends meet – we call them ALICE – Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. They are working hard, many of them in hourly jobs with no benefits, but their financial stability can be severely impacted by one crisis – like a missed paycheck. Even if only a small number of individuals contract the virus, if schools, public facilities, events, etc. are shutdown, the impacts on our community will be significant. 


Our neighbors living below the ALICE threshold are likely to be the hardest hit by COVID-19. We are contacting local nonprofits who serve the most vulnerable in our community to hear what supplies they need most during this time. Below is a list of the greatest community needs in response to COVID-19. Please note we will be updating this page as we get more information.

Need Assistance?

We are constantly updating our resource list as we find and hear of new information and programs. If you know of one you'd like to add, please contact Rachel Springer at rachel.springer@uwhr.org

If you have specific questions, click the button below that best describes your situation: