(Virtual) STUFF THE BUS 2020

 Every child should start school with the tools they need to be successful and ready to learn. 


THANK you!

Together we raised $28,997.60 for Harrisonburg City and Rockingham County public schools.


 100% of donations received go directly to the schools (50% to Harrisonburg City and 50% to Rockingham County). 
Here's how they'll be using the funds: 
Rockingham County Public Schools
*All funds will be spent on school supplies* 
$100 provides 3-ring binders for a full class 
$75 provides crayons for 50 students 
$50 provides spiral notebooks for an entire class 
$25 provides markers for 5 students 
$10 provides 2 packages of pencils
Harrisonburg City Public Schools
*Funds will be spent on general school readiness and support*
$100 provides school supplies and a backpack 
$100 provides an individual counseling session
$100 provides a health appointment for school physical exam and TB screening 
$100 provides a week of groceries for a family    
$50 provides a group counseling session 
$40 provides an hour of mentoring service 
$25 provides a back to school outfit    
$25 provides a winter coat